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HDTV/HDV Production and Post-Production

While many production companies took the wait-and-see approach to high-definition television and media production, MI has been producing and perfecting HDTV and HDV production techniques on all levels for years. If there is an outlet or application for HDTV or HDV media, MI knows how to produce the highest-quality, high-definition media for the full range of applications-television, public relations, digital signage, corporate communications, web and DVD. And while many production companies feel it's appropriate to charge a premium for HDTV production and post-production, it's not that way at MI. Here, HDTV and HDV are as cost-effective and affordable as non-HD production. It's that simple.

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Complete HDTV/HDV production and post-production services

  • Scripting/conceptual development
  • Pre-production (site-surveys, location management and contracting)
  • 16MM/35MM film production (studio and location)
  • SDTV/HDTV broadcast digital video production (studio or location)
  • Specialized Directors and Directors of Photography
  • Non-linear post-production and editorial (SDTV/HDTV/HDV)
  • Storyboards
  • Casting (on-camera and voice-over)
  • National crewing services
  • Aerial film, video and photography
  • Motion Graphic design and production
  • Digital compositing and animation

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