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Sound Design / Digital Audio Production

MI wants your media production project to sound as good as it looks and we have the tools and the talent to do just that. MI's sound design and digital audio production studio utilizes the finest digital audio production facilities available staffed by producers and technicians with an ear for great audio. Audio for video and film, audio for web, sound-sweetening, podcasts, foreign-language audio, special effect/special event audio, radio commercials and custom jingle composition and production packages are all available in one place. MI also represents a varied roster of non-union, male and female announcers and vocal talent and we offer many of the top licensed production music and sound effect libraries available.

Complete list of sound design / digital audio production services

  • Scripting/conceptual development
  • Pre-production
  • Voice-over casting (non-union)
  • Multi-track, non-linear audio production
  • Session producers
  • Radio commercials
  • Custom-produced jingle composition and recording
  • Licensed production music libraries
  • Audio for Video, Film, Web, CD, and DVD-ROM
  • Mix to picture
  • Sound sweetening
  • Podcasts
  • Foreign language audio
  • Digital delivery and spot trafficking via FTP

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Media Imagery - 2K / 4K, Media Design, Motion Graphics, Digital Video, and Audio Production