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Corporate Communications Video

Video for corporate communications has been a mainstay of contemporary media for years and with the advent of new, digital and web-based mass communication outlets, the use of corporate communications video has increased exponentially. There are a couple of factors that have contributed to this rise. First, new technology has brought the cost of corporate video production down substantially. Second, the proliferation of video on the web and the explosion of social media has made video the most common form of contemporary communications world-wide. Corporations, businesses large and small, advertising and public relations agencies have embraced the power of video to communicate with their employees, their customers, their prospects and their industry.

Video has the unparalleled power to evoke a particular emotional response. Video can make us laugh, cry, call or buy. How your message is crafted and how it can best be used to evoke a response is where MI can assist you.

The creative teams at MI are experts in this medium and our name says it all. We understand how to best utilize video, audio, podcasting or digital content and we partner with our clients to fully understand your company, your message and your goals.

Digital corporate communications services

  • Streaming Video, Audio/Video Podcasting
  • Viral Video Campaigns
  • Corporate Overviews
  • Recruitment Video
  • Training Video
  • Sales and Marketing (On-line/Interactive)
  • On-line Training
  • Internal and external marketing video

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