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John Pietrocarlo

Post-production/Compositing/Digital Media Editor

John Pietrocarlo For the past 25 years, John has been a master of the post-production craft. From the complicated, on-line videotape editing systems in the early 1990's to today's revolutionary, computer-based image design systems and software for graphics, video and audio, John knows how to use the tools that create exceptional contemporary media. Technically, John is in a class by himself. Creatively, John possesses the keen eye and ear that make media productions extraordinary. John's talent, experience and proficiency in post-production has earned him the respect of creatives, agencies, producers and corporate marketing executives for his unrivaled knowledge, creativity and speed in the non-linear editing/compositing environment. A multiple award-winner for a variety of television spots and corporate marketing projects, John is also an expert in new digital media techniques including the design and compositing for plasma screens, off-size digital signage, exterior HD displays and kiosks. His keen sense of design and thorough working knowledge of computer-based graphic programs coupled with his experience in all forms of visual media post-production makes John the go-to guy in digital editing, compositing and media design.

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Media Imagery - 2K / 4K, Media Design, Motion Graphics, Digital Video, and Audio Production