Media Imagery - HDTV, Media Design, Motion Graphics, Digital Video, and Audio Production

Our Company

We named our firm Media Imagery because that's precisely what we do. MI creates compelling, award-winning, stimulating digital media for nearly every electronic imagery application. We welcome you to our site and as you navigate the various sections, you will no doubt see or hear familiar television and radio commercials or will notice corporate media projects produced for some of the most respected and demanding companies in America. You will also meet the MI staff- the seasoned professionals that create and produce this award-winning work. Some have won Emmys in recognition of their network television accomplishments, others have worked in major network sports and entertainment program production, while some have created and produced nationally syndicated television series and major-market advertising media.

We've worked with scores of notable personalities and we've produced virtually all forms of media in places like New York, Hollywood, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Dallas and Las Vegas. While awards are nice and working with exciting people in exciting places is great - we never lose sight of what matters most. The media we produce must accomplish 100% of the goals set forth by our valued clients, what we create must be innovative and cost-effective and above all, we never lose sight of our mission - to produce media that provides our clients with a return on their investment.

Media Imagery - 2K / 4K, Media Design, Motion Graphics, Digital Video, and Audio Production